YAMADA KPL-24 - The Industry's Most Trusted Grease Lubricator Pumps

The KPL-24 Electric Grease Lubricator works in conjunction with a hose reel, injectors and grease lines to lubricate equipment in a variety of industries.


  • Construction Equipment - Lubrication is a must when operating equipment in extreme conditions and harsh weather, and with long intervals between maintenance. The KPL-24 can protect your investment by keeping your equipment up and running, minimizing breakdowns and preventing permanent damage.
  • Mining Equipment - Harsh underground conditions require proper lubrication to ensure productivity and avoid breakdowns. The KPL-24 provides the necessary lubrication.
  • Wind Turbines - The average life of a wind turbine is 20 years. Consistent maintenance is the key to longevity. Hydraulic circuits, brake discs, blade bearings, pitching gears, main shaft bearings, shrink disc connectors, gear boxes, generator bearings and all other threaded connectors require lubrication within a wind turbine. Gear box breakdown, which can almost always be attributed to poor lubrication, is the leading cause of wind turbine failure. 

    The KPL-24 can help refill automated lubrication systems inside wind turbines, or act as the driving pump behind the system, to ensure long-term performance.

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