YAMADA KPL-24 - The Industry's Most Trusted Grease Lubricator Pumps

Powered by Electricity

Electric-powered, our 24-Volt DC KPL-24 Grease Lubricator
is a safer, more effective alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic lubricators.

Air and hydraulic systems are complicated to tap into, air-driven pumps can bleed off air and potentially damage the system and hydraulic-driven systems may lead to contaminants in the hydraulic lines, damage and costly repair. The KPL-24, however, greases heavy-duty equipment fast and efficiently without tapping into hydraulic or pneumatic lines.

More Yamada System Advantages

  • Versatile - The KPL-24 can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)
  • Cost Saving - Cuts manual lubrication time in half
  • Convenient - Using a pump is easier than greasing each point with a manual grease gun
  • Portable - Weighs only 26 lbs.

Proven and Trusted

  • Japan's #1 pump brand
  • Integrated into various Japanese construction equipment as an OEM, including Hitachi and Komatsu (and advertised as a standard accessory in these machines)
  • Over 100,000 units sold worldwide
  • Trusted for over 25 years