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Yamada KPL-24

KPL024 Pump
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YAMADA KPL-24 - The Industry's Most Trusted Grease Lubricator Pumps

The KPL-24 is used in conjunction with a hose reel and hand grease gun and runs on a 24 volt power source. It fits directly onto a 5 gallon grease pail offering portability, cleanliness and versatility. The KPL-24 produces high volume, high pressure lubrication with unmatched durability & reliability.

The KPL-24 has the ability to operate on just about any kind of mobile or stationary mining or construction equipment, as well as wind turbines, and has a vibration resistance of 4G for all ground equipment.

Uses of the KPL-24

The KPL-24 grease lubricator is highly versatile and can be used in combination with other equipment to meet any lubrication need.

  • Stand-Alone Pump - Consists of the Yamada KPL-24 grease pump and grease gun

  • Semi-Automatic Configurations - The KPL-24 can be combined with a grease feeder distributor, lubrication lines and fittings to create a semi-automatic system.

  • Fully Automatic Configurations - The KPL-24 can be the driving pump behind a fully automatic system when combined with an electric monitor, grease feeder distributor, lubrication lines and fittings.

  • Full Monitoring Automatic Configurations - The KPL-24 can also be combined with low level grease sensors, blockage indicators, fault warning, intelligent electronic monitor, grease feeder distributors, lubrication lines and fittings to create a fully automated and self-monitoring system.

Quick Setup Instructions
(Download Manual)

  • Rock the inductor plate on top of the grease - until it almost oozes out of the sides and center hole. This will remove any trapped air.
  • Stick the pump (suction tube) through the hole in the inductor plate.
  • Open Needle Valve and turn on the pump. When a steady stream (unbroken) of grease comes out of the hole in the needle valve, shut off the pump. This will remove any remaining air.
  • Close needle valve
  • Open gun (trigger) and turn on pump.
  • When a steady stream comes out, the pump is primed and ready to go.

Pump Drawing

KPL-24 5 & 16 Gallon

  Discharge Volume
80-120 grams/min continuous operation
70-80 grams/min 30-minute operation
Discharge Pressure
0-3480 psi continuous operation
3480-4061 psi 30-minute operation
Maximum Discharge Pressure
4061 psi (30 min. rating)
Revolutions per hour: 95-108rpm
Power Supply
24-VDC, 100-130 watts, 2.0-7.5 amps
Vibration Resistance 4G
Operating Temperature
14ºF to 104ºF
Weight 26 lbs.

  KPL-24 comes in 5 gallon
and 16 gallon pail sizes


KPL-24 16 Gallon

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